Small Axial Piston Pump

0.4 – 6.3cc high pressure pump line-up

  • Adopting a spherical valve plate for all series offers them high efficiency at both low and high speeds.
  • Bi-directional rotation with good responsiveness, ideal for being drived by servo motors.
  • Lightweight thanks to aluminum case.
  • The world’s smallest class small axial piston pump

Downloadable Data

Small Axial Piston Pump Catalog document-pdf

pump unit02

Basic Specification

Sample Construction

Features a hybrid drive system that combines the benefits of hydraulics with the controllability of an AC servo motor and inverter motor to satisfy a broad range of specifications with a small volume pump. Users will find energy savings in fields such as industrial machinery and machine tools.pump unit

OEM Products

Accessories as per customer specifications can be added to Takako standard pump units to create a pump unit uniquely suited to your needs. *We can recommend ideas from your drawings as well.

pump unit01

pump unit03

Sample Applications

  • Contamination measuring equipment
  • Pump for valve switching controls
  • Mold switching equipment for formation machines
  • Power regeneration motors
  • Transportation equipment in factories
  • FA production lines: Hydraulic clamps, press fitting Machines
  • Dressing grinders (motors)
  • Crimping/fitting presses

pump unit04

Future Possibilities

  • Nursing care equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Rescue robots
  • Service robots
  • Industrial vehicles