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Innovation is in evidence throughout Takako creating a new standard of excellence. Total Quality Control is not just a slogan. We have a system integrated into our operation which involves all employees and leads to constant refinements and consistent assessment of every aspect of quality.

The highly sophisticated manufacturing techniques have been specifically developed to provide the optimum production efficiency while assuring the most precise machined component parts.

Our quality standards are maintained by state-of-the-art computerized inspection equipment. Dimensions are instantly analyzed to the micron level and specific SPC data generated automatically. Statistical Process Control is used from the initial process to the control and monitoring of continuous-run production. Takako also follows AS9100:2016D quality standards.

Machining requirements of customers today are diversifying at an amazing pace. That means more and more combinations of specifications to deal with. The time from conceptual design to finished product becomes critical. Our ProE computer system allows us to respond quickly to special requests and provide accurate, detailed parts drawings. Thus we can be very time-effective without sacrificing the very quality for which you came to us.

We invite you to let us show you how Takako can help you with your close-tolerance precision-machined component parts needs. You will find that we can provide a new level of quality, planning for future integration of new technology, and flexibility for expedient adaptation of new concepts, design adjustments, and production changes you might encounter.

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