Small Axial Piston Pump

piston pump

Features a hybrid drive system that combines the benefits of hydraulics with the controllability of an AC servo motor and inverter motor to satisfy a broad range of specifications with a small volume pump. Users will find energy savings in fields such as industrial machinery and machine tools.
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Precision Machined Parts

machined parts

Hydraulic equipment is vital in modern machines that use mechanisms needing large amounts of power, such as construction equipment, machine tools, and vehicles, and this equipment needs ultra-precise strong parts.
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Our Valued Japanese Heritage

Takako Industries, our parent company, is one of Japan’s leading manufacturers of precision machinery parts. The strong, highly-successful organization is being built with far-sighted leadership and an enlightened management philosophy. With a vision of internationalization for Takako and its affiliated firms, the emphasis is on the development of vanguard technology for safeguarding our earth and setting the pace for a better global future.
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The Takako Commitment to Excellence

Innovation is in evidence throughout Takako creating a new standard of excellence. Total Quality Control is not just a slogan. We have a system integrated into our operation which involves all employees and leads to constant refinements and consistent assessment of every aspect of quality.
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